Void of Compassion

by Years Apart

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released April 1, 2017

All songs written by Years Apart
Produced/Engineered by Ian van Opijnen at Echoroom Studios
Album Artwork by Destroyer Design



all rights reserved


Years Apart Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hindsight
Dear family and friends
I'm going through some shit again
I've got a real love hate
With hope and faith
And a sickening feeling
That it will never change
I've got a price on my head
That I put there myself
A total disregard
For my wellness or health
I look at every new day
As a means to an end
And every time I awake
I hope I do not again
I'm not holding out hope
For anyone to come help
Cause it's been years now
That I have been all by myself
I'm so sick of people telling me
What I can be
Cause they are not satisfied
With the one that they see
And every time I take advice
And try to be someone else
I just end up losing another part of
Where is my savior
Where is my helping hand
Where is my loving home
I guess I'm alone again
Track Name: Beyond
Beyond overwhelming
A constant feeling like your sinking
They say that your day will come but
I don't see it coming
Constant failures
Countless let downs
Building walls around you that seem
Impossible to climb
Letting everything you are
Slip through your fingertips
I can not sit back
As you slowly self destruct again
I see what you are
And what you could have fucking been
I lost you once
Never again
You can not blame me for being scared
But the time to fight is now and im here
No matter how many times I get burned
I continue to reach
My hand will not escape the flames
Until your here with me
Reach out for me
I will save you again
I will not let this world
Swallow you whole
My friend
Reach for me
I will save you again
I will not let this world
Swallow you whole
My friend
I will save you X4
Track Name: Embrace
There's a feeling of abandonment
When you say you'll never look back
A guilt that swallows you from the inside
The thought that you'd be better off with out
A sense of regret for leaving them alone
Feeling out of place with all you've known
Willing to leave
Let it all go
With out the seed the flower can't grow
This will blossom into something you hate
Track Name: Aspire
Young man with aspirations
Out of step with the world
No remorse for the ones he's hurt
Or the lies he's told
He screams at the sky
Why wasn't it me
I fuck up
Every chance
That you have given me
He swallows his pride
As he swallows the pills
Is this enough to numb the pain
Is this enough to kill
It's all the same
He just needs an escape
Wether it's for an hour
Or the rest of his days
His family will all
Just Walk away
And every memory of him
Will quickly fade
He will not be remembered
He did not bring change
His story is over
You won't remember his name
He made no impact
He left no mark
He walked this earth
Baring only his scars
Heart on his sleeve
Hole in his chest
Only in death
Will he truly rest
Track Name: Glory
If I do not wake tomorrow
Know I loved you today
Only deaths cruel sense of irony
Could ever take me away
Terrifying to know
one day we will both be alone
One will be underground
While the other converses with stone
I can't face you
When you are facing me
Your backs against the wall
I don't want to hear you breathe
I'm breaking fingers
Counting ways
That We can relive those nights
And get back our days
You bite your lip
Until you taste blood
You would rather chew flesh
Than confess love
If these are my last moments
My final words
Than I am screaming to the heavens for all to observe
I'm screaming to the heavens so you can fucking hear me
I've had my eyes on you
Since the day we met
And every single day that's after that
Sometimes I hold your hand so hard
That it leaves marks
That is so you know wherever you go
I go
No matter the roads you go
No matter the hell you know
I will be here
Broken and breathless
I will be here
Silent, defeated
Waiting for solace
For understanding
Track Name: Lost
I have finally found the silver lining
The one that has always eluded me
All this time I was the dark cloud
In the brightest sky you have ever seen
Things could be different
It could be worse
Nowadays it's acceptable
To say it hurts
I cannot see how this could be
A place so magical yet it destroys everything
There must be something that we are missing
And can not find
This life is so dark
Please guide us towards the light
I cannot put myself in your shoes
I have no idea what you are going through
All that I can do
Is be there for you
I'll be your shoulder I'll be your ears
I'll be your shelter to guard you from fear
I know it's scary to think that there is someone out there who just wants to see you fail but you have given them to much of your time and now we must stand on our own to prove to everyone who has ever doubted us wrong
this is where we stand
This is a bond some will never have
This is a loving son say goodbye to the past
We don't have them
We only have us